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Studying Abroad Really Opened My Eyes

Jena Doellman
Today's Student Spotlight is:
Name: Jena Doellman
Major: Public Health
Class year: Senior
Hometown: Florence, Kentucky
1. Describe your Education Abroad program(s):
For my Education Abroad program I traveled with CCSA to Ireland. We went to 9 different cities over a two and a half week span.
2. Is this a good program for other students in your major?
This trip was a great experience for my major; we visited many different hospitals, food markets and even a bio-processing center! The purpose of the class was to compare Irish health care to American health care. The class really encouraged us to talk with the locals. Talking with locals was how I truly experienced the Irish culture.
3. Was this your first time abroad? If not, what other countries have you traveled to?
This was my first experience abroad!! I think this was a great place to travel for my first time out of the United States. Everyone spoke English and the locals were some of the nicest people I have ever met so I never felt uncomfortable or unwelcome in Ireland!!
4. How do you feel that you benefited from studying abroad?
I think studying abroad really opened my eyes to how much of the world I have yet to experience. I loved seeing all the differences, and talking with the locals was one of my favorite parts of the trip. I think my perception and outlook on life gained a whole new meaning.
5. How do you think this experience will impact your future plans?
This experience has definitely given me the travel bug, I definitely want to travel more in the future because of my great experience with this trip.
6. How did the experience differ from your expectations?
My experience was a 100/10. I had very little expectations since it was my first time traveling abroad everything was new and exciting and went far beyond my expectations. The CCSA professors and directors were so fun and very helpful, as well.
8. Favorite thing about studying abroad?
Like I said before, talking with the locals was some of my favorite memories. My favorite city was Dublin and my favorite place we visited was Giants Causeway. The countryside of Ireland is breathtaking!
9. Suggestions for future students?
I highly recommend traveling abroad! It was a trip of a lifetime. I did not know a single person on this trip at first and by the end I had so many great new friendships, don’t let not knowing anyone scare you!
Ireland was also a great place to start if a language barrier or different food worries you.

Published on November 18, 2019

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