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Making the most of College

Making the most of College

Jacob Peoples
Homeland Security
Cary, NC

1.) Describe your Education Abroad program:
The trip was much more beneficial than I had imagined. I learned the Arabic language very quickly due to some amazing teachers and how the program was laid out. We were provided with tutors that were our age who helped us with homework and told us all about their lives, culture, and customs. They cooked food for us and asked all about American Culture as well.

2.) Was this your first time abroad?
At my previous University, I studied abroad to Europe as part of a Security trip.

3.) How do you feel that you benefited from studying abroad?
I learned so much about middle Eastern customs, including Islam and how it ties into their work, and the governments foreign policy.

4. )How do you think this experience will impact your future plans?
This program has helped my resume drastically. I hope that having a critical language will ensure a great job out of college and further language and travel opportunities. 

5.) How did the experience differ from your expectations?
I expected a lot of coursework and learning an adequate amount of the language, but the coursework was very fun and the teachers were some of the best I'd ever had. They took us out for ice cream if it was very hot in the classroom, and ordered us all breakfast if we were hungry. I still talk to her and my tutor every day. 

6.) What other countries have you traveled to?
Britain, Scotland, France, Cambodia, Thailand

7.) Favorite thing about studying abroad?
The introduction to new ways of living, and the whole environment that you're in. It gives a complete perspective change when going to a country that isn't western to a first-world country. 

8.) Suggestions for future students?
Do a study abroad, there are numerous scholarships. I am in the intelligence certificate program and they paid for the entire trip. This experience is one of the most beneficial things I have done in college, and no matter what major you are, or job you want to obtain in the future, they will want foreign travel and a second language.

Published on December 09, 2016

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