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It Allowed Me to Experience Different Cultures

Spain, Madison, Seville, Education, Spring

Today's Student Spotlight is: Madison Schildknecht

Major: Middle Grades Education: ELA and Social Studies

Class year: 2022

Hometown: Louisville, KY

1.      Describe your Education Abroad program(s):

 My program was a perfect fit for my degree as an Education major with a Spanish Minor. I had the opportunity to study in Spain during the spring! It allowed me to practice speaking and interacting through another language as well as with students! I was given an internship with a local school to help with their English studies! I met so many wonderful people from different parts of the US and from around the world! My roommate is from Iowa and we both lived with a beautiful host family! The friendships I made while abroad with her and our group will forever hold weight in my memories!


2.      Is this a good program for other students in your major?

 This program is fully compatible with any education major! Even more so if a student has a minor or a double major with Spanish!


3.      Was this your first time abroad? If not, what other countries have you traveled to?

 This was my second time abroad! I had first visited Italy during 2018 with a small group of students in high school through a humanities course!


4.      How do you feel that you benefited from studying abroad?

 I benefited from being abroad because it allowed me to experience different cultures and appreciate the differences! I got to use what I have been taught through classes and apply it in person, through languages and the interactions with the local students!


5.      How do you think this experience will impact your future plans?

 Historically, I had planned to teach English abroad. I believe that by studying abroad and having a course on how to teach a second language, I am more enabled in that decision!

6.      How did the experience differ from your expectations?

 I think my experience was completely thrown off tracks due to the pandemic. It had cut my program short half way through.


7.      Favorite thing about studying abroad?

 My favorite thing about studying abroad is the freedom. I enjoyed exploring the cities with my new friends and finding new activities! We were enabled through the program to travel to neighboring countries when able to! There are so many opportunities to make friends and find new interests! Especially to learn more about yourself too!


8.      Suggestions for future students?

 For future students, I would suggest to come in with an open mind! What is normal for us in America is not for them. Be ready to experience situations you have never pictured yourself to be in!  


9.         Anything you'd like to add?

If it is possible, study abroad! There are plenty of resources available to find information and finance the trips! It is an experience that will not be overshadowed!

Published on August 26, 2020

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