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Abroad More Than Once

Abroad More Than Once

Rebecca McMullen
Major: Communication Studies
Minor: International Studies
Class year: Senior
Hometown: Fremont, California

1. Describe your Education Abroad program(s): 
I have gone on two separate programs. First I went to London with KEI, Fall 2014. I took four courses at London South Bank University. The onsite director was energized and always willing to teach you about her culture. My second study abroad trip was to Sydney, Australia with CIS abroad in Summer 2016. This trip I obtained a six week internship in a field I was looking at going into. The onsite advisor for this program was the first face I saw after a 15+ hour plane ride. I was greeted with excitement and a stranger ready to get to know me.

2. Is this a good program for other students in your major? 
Absolutely! If you are thinking about studying abroad talk to Katie or Jennifer. Before I knew which program I was going on they gave me a couple options so I could pick the best fit for me. 

3. How do you feel that you benefitted from studying abroad? 
When I left for London I told myself that I needed to branch out, especially with food since I am a picky eater. I found myself eating food that I typically would never even think about. Upon returning from London I had found that I had become more outgoing and open. I stepped out of my comfort zone in London and it has transformed me into the person I am today. When I decided to go again, I pushed my comfort zone further and it allowed me to learn more.

5. How do you think this experience will impact your future plans? 
I think studying abroad will impact my future plans by paving the way to more opportunities similar to these. Both trips have changed me, and those changes I can take with me in my future. 

6. How did the experience differ from your expectations? 
Both trips I didn't know exactly what to expect. I was able to form the experience because I didn't know. For me it was better I didn't know because I wasn't disappointed and was able to enjoy the experience.

7. What other countries have you traveled to? 
While studying/interning abroad I have gone to Ireland, Scotland, Poland, Amsterdam, Australia, and London.

8. Favorite thing about studying abroad? 
The best thing about studying abroad is the people I have met. I remember talking for hours to many different people hearing their stories ranging from their life to traveling stories. That is something that I look forward to each time I go abroad. 

9. Suggestions for future students? 
Be willing to step out of your comfort zone. For me it was hard at first, but overtime it lead me to new experiences. My second time abroad was a completely different experience from the start because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone.

10. Anything you'd like to add?
If you have any apprehension, talk to someone. Do what you need to do to study abroad. As cliche as it sounds, studying abroad completely changed my life, and I can only wish others get that same experience.

Published on December 09, 2016

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