Academic Planning

With so many choices, how can you select the program that’s best for you? You should think about programs that fit into your academic goals and your personal interests. Continue to search our website or come to the Center for International Education to discuss the possibilities. Then, make an appointment with your Academic Advisor to discuss how study abroad can fit into your academic plan.

Know your DegreeWorks!

Knowing where you are in your academic career is essential to choosing the study abroad program that's right for you. EKU students should carefully monitor their DegreeWorks audit.  This report shows which requirements have been completed and which requirements still remain to be completed. If you have not yet declared your major, you can run a "what-if" DegreeWorks audit that will show how close you are to completing your degree and intended major.


Once you are ready, you will apply online. Make sure you have spoken to the EKU Study Abroad Coordinator prior to your online application.  Some EKU affiliate study abroad programs have discount codes that may be obtained from the Study Abroad Office.

Pre-departure Advising

Once you have been accepted, you will need to speak with your Academic Advisor(s) to go over your progress towards your major(s). Before meeting with your advisor, review your DegreeWorks audit to determine what type of courses you might want to take abroad. The Undergraduate Catalogue is a great place to begin checking the requirements for your degree and major(s).

Bring the following items to the meeting with your Academic Advisor:

• Study abroad handbooks and academic information relevant to your program

• Available courses for your chosen Study Abroad program

• An up-to-date copy of your DegreeWorks audit

A Study Abroad Pre-Approval Form

• A list of questions and concerns you want to discuss, including the types of courses you should take abroad and what courses you should take (and register for) when you return to campus.

Remember, it is also a good idea to stay in contact with your Academic Advisor throughout your Study Abroad planning.