Education Abroad

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Congratulations to our 2015 Spin the Wheel winners!

From a group of 325 eligible students, six were selected for the experience of a lifetime: a Summer 2015 study-abroad experience, with complete program costs and airfare covered by the University. A spin of the wheel determined one of six possible education abroad providers, and each student could then choose from two destinations.

This year's winners are:

Mikayla Wilk, freshman ASL-English interpretation major from Woodstock, Conn. -- Going to London, England!

Colin Compton, junior broadcasting major from Belfry -- Going to Japan!

Marissa Cupp, junior Spanish and occupational science major from Lexington -- Going to Granada, Spain!

Stephen Thomas, sophomore technology major from Booneville -- Going to London, England!

Amber Broughton, senior social work major from Corbin -- Going to London, England!

Alexis Ramsdell, a freshman art major from Richmond -- Going to Belize!

Will YOU Win on the wheel next year??

Programs included on the wheel in 2015 were:

CCSA London Summer (July 10-August 9)
CCSA Ireland Late (July 6-July 21)
CIS Costa Rica (July 4-August 8)
CIS Rome, Italy (May 26-June 26)
COUPA Dublin, Ireland (June 20-July 25)
COUPA Belize (July 7-July 20)
KEI England Summer (June 28-July 26)
KEI Tanzania Summer (June 13-July 19)
KIIS Denmark (June 30-July 26)
KIIS Japan (May 30-June 29)
SOL Argentina Summer IIa (June 20-July 17)
SOL Spain Summer IIa (July 1-July 30)